UPPER ISTANBUL TOUR Hometown visit with public transport (HD)[ORIGINAL by ISTANBUL CIRCLE]

It’s not just any neighborhood; it’s a tapestry of childhood memories, each thread echoing with the laughter and tales of youth. The Naval Museum stands tall, its corridors alive with stories of Barbaros, maritime adventures, and legends that the sea has whispered to this city for centuries.

Close by, the rhythmic cadence of the Besiktas Fish Market emerges. Fishermen, their faces weathered by the stories of the sea, display their morning’s bounty, while the air is rich with the scent of salt and the musings of locals. Conversations, deals, the chatter of the day — it all unfolds here, under the watchful gaze of seagulls overhead.

Walking further, one is taken on a journey through time. Muradiye, Teşvikiye, streets that have borne witness to countless footsteps of those rushing towards dreams, school, and the beckoning future. And then there’s Nişantaşı. Here, the afternoon sun casts dappled shadows on streets where modernity and tradition waltz in a timeless dance. Boutiques flirt with time-honored designs, and cafes bustle with tales as old as the city itself.

As the day’s shadows lengthen, Ortaköy unfurls in all its splendor. The majestic Çırağan Palace stands sentinel by the Bosphorus, its walls echoing with whispers of sultans and bygone eras. A stone’s throw away, Ortaköy Square thrums with life. Here, by the pier, under the gaze of the iconic Bosphorus Bridge, the day’s journey culminates. Artists, travelers, and dreamers — all converge, each with a story, each a note in the symphony that is Istanbul.

By the time the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of twilight, one thing becomes clear: this isn’t just a journey through a city. It’s a voyage through time, memories, and the very essence of what it means to call Istanbul home.

Meeting in Besiktas Barbaros Square