In Turkish, we have a phrase saying “beş parmağın beşi bir değil” roughly means that “five fingers [of an hand] are not equal each other [even if they belong to the same hand]. Like us, we all human are having different characters and personalities.

Yet again, what makes Istanbul such great city to visit is that you can find great variety of historical characters, cultural, touristic attractions, and stories addressing any personality. Istanbul doesn’t ask whether if you are an Asian or European, black or white, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion.

Istanbul’s economy, geography, and numerous touristic attractions, offer great art, street food, and upscale shopping opportunities. Flag ship of commercial life in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar where is the correct place to observe the multicultural aspects of Istanbul. Luckily Istanbul Circle is accredited company for its exciting roof which is unveiled upon the movie Skyfall 2012. Engaging with the alleys of Grand Bazaar, walking on its roof takes you hundreds years back in the imaginations. The roof is one of the best place to take some high quality pictures with magnificent mosques, Roman and Ottoman monuments at the backround of photographs. Grand Bazaar’s roof covers these gates, streets and inns.

A two-hour cruise will introduce you the beautiful formation of Bosphorus gives you impressive panoramic shots and proud-to-share selfies with Classic Topkapı and Modern Dolmabahçe Palaces with less-known surprising stroies, impressive collections of Archaeological Museums, City walls, and many others all around of city are svailable thru an historian eye.

Istanbul simply is one of the best cities for those who would love to taste local and street food as well. Istanbul has a great cuisines stem from Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Jewish, Balkans, Caucasian, Arab, and Persian traditions. Those cuisines didn’t arrive Istanbul for commercial reasons. These nations lived here for thousands of years which made Istanbul unique from this point of view like many others.

Briefly, Istanbul is a sevenfer, you get seven birds with one stone. Food is just one reason among them. Her, Istanbul’s beautiful geography and climate entwined each other and offered perfect location for fishing and naval transport throughout antique and middle ages. I don’t remember a city became a capital for two different empires. Except Istanbul, she was the capital of two empires; 11 centuries for Romans and 500 years capital life for Ottomans left countless monuments all around of city and I won’t mention them now but something different.