Delicacy Circle

Starting by seeing the fish market and old banking center of Istanbul. then we cross the bridge, we will see hundreds of fisherman standing on their food for hours and hours since Golden Horn is one of the best ten place in the world for fishing. You will have a full panorama of the city as we reach to Constantinople side where Spice Market is standing, however we get on a tram which will pass through Orient Express train station, Ottoman times Prime Minister Offices, Sunken Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and finally Colonne Brulé (Constantine Column) Çemberlitaş station will be the beginning of the second episode of our tour. We will see commercial center of İstanbul with a bunch of good examples whom serve mostly to local people and some tourists with a clever and experienced local guide 🙂

During our walk, will see thousands of single floor shops over 62 streets which covered 40000 SM roof. Here is used as movie platfrom in 2012 for Skyfall as well. Since then it is restored and opened public with a limit. Seeing this roof is an option depending on the visit schedule and we are the accredited guides to Grand Bazaar Management and able to make reservations for your visit. Upon seeing almost half of bazaar’s gates, streets will lead into the rest of the bazaar zone of ancient Constantinople, today’s Istanbul. Thru streets you probably encounter temping shops, products, either cotton, or silk, even linen, great amount of leather and many others will surprise you. Hundreds of gold and silver shops will impress you for sure. Antiques, great variety handcrafts are being exposed to the visitors and possible buyers. Fine scarfs, replicas of blue mosque’s tiles, and world wide famous handmade carpets are considered as an investment. Then you will take a look some very popular local or street food examples around Nur’u Osmaniye Mosque where is considered the mosque of Grand Bazaar. I will share the reason why they are so good at their job privately.

As we walk down along Long Market, the variety of goods will be astonishing. Spice Market is a heaven for food lovers. Most of 113 shops are in spice business however some special class jewellery, alchol-free oriental perfumes and fine fabrics, toys, games, frames, are being sold.

Later we embark into Kadikoy boat vapur like a local people to observe local life with the green market.