Some people are more into specific periods of history, like Romans. It is very understandable talking about Romans is not possible without Constantinople. I named this serie after the city’s ancient name Constantinople since it covers an area within ancient city wall border. You can take a look for other circles thru the website’s menu.

Istanbul’s Roman relics demand time. They are not a day’s journey. Each monument, a chapter; an unfolding story. Plan wisely, with respect for time’s passage.

Nova Roma, Constantinople or Istanbul, this magical city is the playground of a beautiful dance of land and sea. Unlike Old Rome, It is inaugurated upon 10 years of construction as new capital city of (this time christian) Roman Empire.

As I said before, some people are more interested into Roman stories and monuments. In this theme, you can combine the monuments and places below If any of them is in your interest area.


Nestled in the heart of the city, the Million Stone stood unassuming. It marked not just the beginning of the Byzantine road system but also countless journeys, conspiracies, and encounters. This point, reminiscent of a Christie plot, was where all roads began and ended, where tales intertwined.

Bordering the magnificent city, the City Walls stood tall, bearing scars of battles and time. These walls, with their Gates and the illustrious Golden Gate, shielded secrets of the city, much like the walls of a grand mansion in an Agatha Christie mystery. They silently told tales of emperors, soldiers, and spies who walked through them.

The remnants of the Hippodrom’s Sphendon echoed with the roars of a crowd engrossed in chariot races. Amidst the curve, one could almost hear the whispers of bets being placed, plots being hatched, and victors being celebrated.Then there was the serene Hagia Eirini, predating even the monumental Hagia Sophia. Within its walls, early Christian rituals were performed in secret, away from prying eyes. In its silent corners, one could feel the weight of whispered prayers and covert meetings.

The Hagia Sophia, standing with grandeur, bore witness to changing times and faiths. Its architectural magnificence encapsulated centuries of religious fervor, power struggles, and conversions, much like the layers of a gripping Christie novel.

Beneath the bustling city, the Basilica Cisterns hid a world of their own. These ancient reservoirs, with their eerie ambiance, could very well be the setting of a mysterious Christie disappearance. The dripping water echoed tales of the city’s inhabitants seeking solace from the summer heat.

The Constantin Column rose with pride, a tribute to an emperor who changed the course of history. Just like in a Christie whodunit, the column bore silent witness to events that shifted power dynamics, leading to the Christianization of the empire.

The Bukoleon Palace, now in ruins, once echoed with laughter, music, and perhaps, secret rendezvous. Overlooking the Marmara Sea, it could easily be imagined as the backdrop of a Christie mystery, where every room bore a clue, every window hid a secret lover.

The Saint Sergius and Bacchus church, with its intricate architecture, stood testament to early Christian devotion, while the Chora Monastery flaunted mosaics and frescoes that captured moments of divine intervention, much like the divine inspiration that guided Christie’s detectives to solve their cases.

Each monument, from the bustling Theodosius Port to the grand Porphyrogennetos Palace, whispered tales of trade, intrigue, and opulence. The forums of Arcadius and Marcianus, once buzzing with public life and commerce, echoed secrets of ancient deals and disputes.

The sacred sanctums of Pammakaristos Monastery and Pentepoptes Monastery echoed with holy chants and perhaps, tales of forbidden love or concealed treasures. Structures like Theotokos Kyriotissa and Valens Aqueduct stood as marvels of architecture and engineering, holding within them stories of a city constantly evolving, yet rooted in its past.

The Myrelaion Church and Mokios Reservoir told tales of a city that revered both the divine and the practical, intertwining faith with daily life. The Gots’ Column, though worn by time, still echoed ancient victories and the city’s resilience.

As one wanders towards the Seraglio Point, they could almost hear the ancient Greeks offering prayers at the Poseidon Temple.

In the city of Istanbul, every monument, every brick, and every pathway held tales of passion, intrigue, betrayal, and redemption. And as the sun dipped below the horizon, the city, much like in a novel, beckoned with mysteries waiting to be unraveled, with tales as old as time, waiting for a new listener.

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