Hello dear reader,

Firstly, I thank you for considering a visit here and for seeking a decent tour guide during your stay in Istanbul. You, hopefully, will observe more comprehensive method here in ISTANBUL CIRCLE rather than routine as you keep searching applications and webpages little more. I wish you have an inclination towards history and culture, than merely being a tourist however also just tourists are welcomed.

With two decades of experience, I’ve transitioned from being a tourist guide in Istanbul to a historian and a tour leader across Europe and the Mediterranean. Currently, my focus is on creating distinctive tours for ISTANBUL CIRCLE Tour and Guide OFFICE. Through this platform, I aim to share stories tailored for a discerning audience. Then and now My itineraries are designed to encompass both the historical and modern dimensions of Istanbul.

To offer an analogy: engaging with ISTANBUL CIRCLE is like entering a restaurant with a single table. We cater exclusively to you and, if applicable, up to seven (maybe more) accompanying guests.

The itineraries you will read here have been shaping in a small communitiy which I’m honored to be part of elite assembly of twelve seasoned tourist guides. Our mission is to enhance the learning experience, even delving into controversial topics when necessary. Note that many of us operate travel agencies. Due to local regulations, services such as transportation and hotel bookings are facilitated through our network of affiliated travel agents.

We do respect local and international regulations at ISTANBUL CIRCLE’s activities and prioritize educational experiences. My two-decade old experience may help you to delve deep into the history and culture of the city by unveiling its captivating stories.

Dear reader, before finishing my words I would like to point out that whether your interests lie in history, culture, or the bustling art scene, our tours are tailored to your tastes. We focus on the true essence of Istanbul, avoiding commercial shopping unless explicitly desired.

Remember, our tours can be adapted based on your preferences. While it’s best to convey your interests in advance, we can also fine-tune the itinerary shortly before your tour commences.

Thank you for reading up until here, and now take a look at services and see my scope for future cooperations.

Truly yours.


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