Experiencing the Spirit of Ramazan in Istanbul together. We’ll begin our day with a peaceful walk along the Bosphorus, feeling the calm embrace of the city during Ramadan. After our walk, we’ll make our way to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque). We should remember to dress modestly, given it’s an active place of worship. Next, we’ll explore the Topkapi Palace Museum. During Ramadan, they often have special exhibits related to Islamic heritage and history, which we can delve into.

Our afternoon will be spent at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Sultanahmet, giving us a deeper understanding of Islamic culture. After the museum, we’ll stroll through Sultanahmet Square. Here, we might come across stalls preparing for the evening’s iftar. We’ll navigate the corridors of the Grand Bazaar. Although it might be a bit quieter during Ramadan, the pre-iftar anticipation in the air will be palpable. As the sun sets, we’ll find a cozy spot in a local restaurant or cafe in Sultanahmet to experience an authentic iftar meal. Many places craft special menus for this occasion. Post-iftar, we’ll head to the lively Hippodrome area, which comes alive with local events during Ramazan.

We have the opportunity to either participate in or observe the Tarawih prayers at the Blue Mosque or another mosque nearby. It promises to be a unique cultural experience. If we’re up for it, many local eateries in Istanbul stay open for sahur, the pre-fast meal. It would be another beautiful experience to immerse ourselves in.


1. We should ensure we’re dressed modestly, especially when visiting religious sites.

2. Out of respect for those fasting, we’ll avoid eating or drinking in public during daylight hours.

3. Let’s embrace the spirit of giving, as Ramadan is a time of charity and many locals engage in charitable deeds.

Meeting and drop in Orient Express Train Station.