Hello dear first time traveller,

It is widely acccepted that UNESCO sites of Istanbul shall be visited If this is the first time.

In this section of my website, I have listed some valuable visit points that I like to talk and interprete about. Honestly, couple days will not be enough to feel Istanbul properly, however, like a tasting menu, litle bit of everything day is also possible. After all, these itineraries will be reading here mostly can not be made in a single day yet we can try visiting as possible as more places by saving time and using smart shortcuts.

In this your first time in Istanbul with ISTANBUL BY LOCALS from ISTANBUL CIRCLE Tour Crafting Co. you can pick an half day tour by walking or using public transport and explaining the history of the city, mostly from outside the most important monuments.

So, I classified Bosphorus Ideas under one button. The first tour ‘Bosphorus Circle with Villages‘ is an original tour crafted by myself like many others. If this full day tour doesn’t suit you then try short ones for two hours either with public or private boat up until second bridge over Bosphorus without stop.

Next %100 original program is with/out rooftop of Grand Bazaar. It is my favourite and most open tour into back streets and commercial life of Istanbul. Fast-track History tour Mindful Istanbul is something little bit of everyhing and crafted as circle which starts and finishes at the same spot. Another one is Istanbul Sweet Circle which goes to Asian coast of Istanbul pursuing local markets and tastes. Last one is my hometown Besiktas and its surroundings, Upper Istanbul Circle Tour contains short brief about Ottoman Imperial Navy town, Ortaköy and Tesvikiye neighborhoods listed in my mind.

* Details are in the related pages.