Dear companion on a journey of splendor,

Should you open the following pages with an inkling of curiosity, you might find yourself caught off guard by the varied tapestries of excursions I’ve woven. It is my fervent hope that you would discern the artistry and intention behind each curated itinerary. I present not merely destinations, but rather narratives and tales that yearn to be whispered to a select few.

Engaging with ISTANBUL CIRCLE is akin to entering an intimate salon, where but a single table sits bathed in candlelight. An exclusive reprieve, reserved solely for you and your chosen companions, accommodating the company of up to seven souls.

I have categorized the tours according to guest’s experience and point of interests. You can find the offered services under five pages; four of them are professional and one regarding BUSINESS CONSULTING in Turkiye. AT A GLANCE TOURS are for new people, never been here before. INNER ISTANBUL TOURS are for mainly for those who wants to dvel into history and backstreets of the city. BEYOND ISTANBUL programs are multi-day itineraries and CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM is completely depending on you.

Whether you wish to immerse yourself in a singular museum for an afternoon, or to embark on an odyssey spanning the likes of Edirne, Çanakkale, Bursa, Iznik, and Izmit, I am at your service.

Prior to our rendezvous, every detail is sculpted to your desires, blending the allure of upgraded circles’ paths with the grandeur of mankind’s masterpieces. Rest assured, my almost twenty years of experience can be Homeros in this Mediterranean dance.

ISTANBUL CIRCLE further extends an invitation to the city’s artistic sanctuaries—galleries, exhibitions curated by visionaries of our age, and venues where the contemporary art exhibit are held. Let me interprete you the silent language of sculptures or the melodies of a distant concert, Istanbul’s heart beats in them all.

Least but not last, Istanbul stands as an epitome of ages gone by—a city that deserves its hallowed tales retold. Though time may be fleeting, with me, skipping the weary waits, diving into the city’s reservoir of tales untold.

Kindly note, ISTANBUL CIRCLE refrains from the mere commercial dalliances of shopping, lest you express a specific longing for it.

With deepest regards.