In Istanbul, every corner breathes history and beauty. Yet, some places capture the soul differently in changing seasons. I’ll share three. Here, you’ll grasp why Istanbul stands apart, holding the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn close.

Nestled between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy, you’ll find Yahya Efendi Tekkesi. Once a home to dervishes and now the resting place of Yahya Efendi, revered by many. The intricate wooden fence around his tomb? Crafted by Sultan Abdülhamit II himself. The grounds grew into a cemetery, now showcasing iconic Turkish tombstones. A place where art and devotion collide.

John F. Kennedy Street might ring familiar. As Istanbul grew, this street emerged, hugging the historic peninsula. Starting near the heart of the old city, a walk here is a journey across time. Every step provides a vantage point: Europe, Asia, Galata, and the vast seas.

Lastly, step inland, but not away from water’s charm. Overlooking Eyüp Sultan, Pierre Loti found his peace. This hill, dotted with tombs of Ottomans who shaped history, promises serenity. The walk uphill is brief, the experience long-lasting.

Istanbul holds more than can be penned here. But join our Circle, and you won’t miss a story.