Dear Friends,

Is this page needed? Soon, we’ll meet in one of my circles. Still, before we do, allow me to share a fragment of my story – from rooftops to the quiet depths of underground cisterns.

I’m Baris, born in 1974 during a time of strife. My parents, a deaf couple, named me after what they longed for most: peace. The path took me from Beykent University‘s Tourist Guiding program, where I emerged as valedictorian, to a Master’s in history from Istanbul Medeniyet University, studying the Armenian Revolts in the Turcophone Orthodox Christian community’s press.

Over twenty years, I’ve worn many hats. I helped birth the Turkish Tourist Guides Union (TUREB) in 2012, later chaired the History, Culture, Tourism, Guides Association, and represented the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) for Western Asia from 2019 to 2021. Presently, I helm Mikrofon, TKTC’s electronic magazine, and sit on WFTGA’s Arbitration Committee.

Between these commitments, I guide in Turkish, English, Greek, and Turkish Sign Language (with a touch of Italian). My travels have taken me across countries and cities, leading Turkish groups both by land and sea. My imagination birthed unique tours, like Istanbul’s “Yoke of 1918-1923” and live remote journeys with the “Turkcell Digital Traveler” team. From Istanbul’s minorities to the enigmas of the Grand Bazaar and “Wishful Gates of Constantinople”, I’ve crafted tales. Recently, I’ve woven the threads of “Neighbourhoods of Galata” and “Ara Güler’s Istanbul” for the 2023 “Plus of Culture” event.

Yet, there’s more. I am curious sign language in tourism, aiming to craft an institute for an International Sign Language. And as I work towards hosting the 2026 Congress in Istanbul, I’m also fashioning half-day deep dives into modern Istanbul for the ISTANBUL CIRCLE brand since I want to focus into İstanbul more upon my dearly loss 30th of December, 2022.

So, on this page, discover circles crafted by me, for you. Dive in, find what calls to you, and soon, let’s share a moment in my city.

Warmly, Hasan Baris Partal,

Istanbul, 2023.